Battle Of The Worlds 2 1


Battle Of The Worlds

Battle Of The Worlds 2 1

Running against the time in a wormhole, I noticed my body crumbling and within seconds half of my body had disappeared without knowing what to do and remembered why I was there.All because I do not pressed the b.u.t.ton to close the gate against radiation causing the atom to react with the air forming a wormhole. all this began a day ago in the relics market, I had found a small knife that have a material that I had never seen it before ,I took it to my laboratory to research.There are not many things that leave a military scientist and great diplomat by the way to get hold of government resources must be more than a good scientist but also a good politician because of that I studied as a child to find out, the law and i have already travel three times to Mars, fought in two wars one as a common soldier going until pilot dont ask me how a soldier go to a foot soldier to a airplane pilott. I have fought against the Chinese federation and the second war as general fought against European federation making the American continent dominated all .after the war the world is great to live because of that I just researched ways to make the human to reach farther into s.p.a.ce but unfortunately it all went into s.p.a.ce literally and together me the greatest human being in this universe. All because a knife cut my hand taking me a long time to close the d.a.m.n gate.DING-Who's there!ding !You are in a universe where there are billions of different worlds and battles take place every day. To get back to your plan you have to win and conquer 10 billion planets, thus having 1% of planets in this universe.

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-what you will give me as a beginner.-You won't ask anything affter i say all that!-I don't need it I already deduced everything from what you said!Ding-you will win a fully dominated inhabited planet and have a background if other people ask where you are from,nothing more.- Let the battle begin!

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