Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 43


Ambiguous Relationship

Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 43

fortable as they used to be? Can they still gossip and chat unrestrained about their fort of a friend.

"Rou Yu, how did you provoke e to tell e you called e over and drink with us?"

Chen Ruo Yu knows that he was deliberately doing this and she really wanted to record this for Gao Yu Lan to listen to, listen to her fae over to say it herself."Why is every sentence that I should copanion?"

e back to pick it up." 

"Are you controlling me?!" Meng Gu gave a rebellious reply but did not shake off her hand. Chen Ruo Yu turned to look at Yin Ze for help. Yin Ze had on a delighted expression, clearly enjoying the show, seeing that she looked over, spread his hands and said, "I can't control him, he is very fierce. I'm going home, my Lan Lan will be worried about me."Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, she knew that he could not be relied on. She didn't bother and pulled Meng Gi out. Meng Gu did not struggle and docilely followed her to go outside.

They went out the bar doors, the irritating music was finally gone, looking around it was pretty quiet, even the air smelled good. Chen Ruo Yu breathed a sigh of relief and walked a few steps with Meng Gu, then turned her head and wanted to ask whether he wants to eat hot noodle soup or porridge. There is a shop nearby, but before she could open her mouth, she felt a tight grasp on her wrist and she was pulled into his arms.

She did not have time to react before she was turned and pulled into a corner by the wayside and pressed against the wall, his lips came down and ferociously kissed her.

Chen Ruo Yu was startled, "En", she struggled, but her limbs were held down by him and his body was firmly held by him and she found it difficult to move.She was angry and turned her face to avoid him. He held her wrists with one hand, and used the free hand to hold her chin, and applied a bit of force and opened her mouth.His tongue came it and sucked her tongue hard, rolling deep and held her in an arrogant and lingering kiss.MiraiSaesang's Notes: LOL this guy is behaving like a child in the chapter...I felt bad for that girl in the bar, those are words that can traumatize someone ?...and Yin Ze, that guy is something else too...

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