After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Vol Chapter 1


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Vol Chapter 1

When he woke up, Tyre thought he was hallucinating, if he had to make an example, it is as if his field of vision was cut in half and each half had a different view.

“I ……” after experiencing such a weird problem with his vision, a even more shocking problem came up, he couldn’t recall his own name or any of his past, everything was like a blank sheet of paper.

However, the good news is that he still had basic logical thinking and a healthy body.

Having dealt with the two big problems after waking, Tyre sat up from the wooden bed beneath him, because of his movement, the wooden bed creaked and groaned.

Taking a deep breath, Tyre forced himself to rapidly calm down and look around.

The first thing that entered his view was the room that he was in and it’s thatched roof, so spartan in the furnishings that it feels as if a simple wind will knock the room down to the ground. A heavy layer of dust covered most of the room, it does not look like anyone has lived in here for a long while. Obviously, his life before losing his memories could not have been bad to the point of living in a shack like this. As Tyre kept looking around the room with his black hair and blue eyes, he saw a withered desk, a chair that is missing a leg, a tea set that looks like ancient relics freshly dug up, and finally, the teenage boy’s vision froze under a teenage girl’s gaze.

No, it should be frozen under a teenage boy’s gaze.

…….There’s something not quite right.

Tyre rubbed his eyes, and opened his eyes as wide as possible to get a clearer view.

Presented in front of his eyes was a teenage girl with a head of long black hair cascading straight down, and eyes bright like the star filled night sky.

Even though Tyre does not have any memories of the past, but he still knows, a teenage girl like this must be a G.o.ddess of all mortals.

At the other end of the perspective, a head of short black hair, piercing bright eyes, a teenage boy with a stunned expression on his face and age just like the teenage girl around 16 years stared back. Although the boy’s handsomeness doesn’t even come close when campared to the girl’s beauty, his level of ordinariness reaches the point of extraordinary, just the type that will meld into a sea of people without trace.

“What happened to me?”

“What happened to me?”

At the same time that the teenage boy’s voice sounded, the teenage girl said the exact same words, obviously, teenage girl’s angle like voice overshadowed the teenage boy’s voice in an instant.

Trye seemed like on the verge of realizing something incredible, both the teenage girl’s face and his own face showed a hint of paleness.

“No way”

“No way”

Once again in unison, the two person matched each other flawlessly in timing as if they were a pair of professional singers. No way, not even a professional duet, because even so one person might lag behind the other slightly. But in his case, the two are connected as if by spirit, even the tone of their voice matched without difference.

Though there was a difference, the teenage boy’s face was pale as if he had constipation, not even worth mentioning, but the teenage girl’s delicate face was pale, but appeared extremely fragile and helpless, arousing pity, every scowl or smile seemed like the change of heaven and earth.

[TL/ It’s like the expression change can cause doomsday]



The boy and the girl cursed out loud at the same time, though such language coming out from a great beauty is really something else.

No no no no

Tyre felt that now was not the time for this. Originally thinking that amnesia was his biggest problem, but now there appears to be an even bigger issue at hand.

First, first lets confirm something.

Tyre, for the sake of confirming the situation at hand, gulped visibly, the sound was just like that of a parched athlet gulping down water.

“Just to clarify in advance, if I guessed wrong, I can accept any punishment aside from violence.”

“Just to clarify in advance, if I guessed wrong, I can accept any punishment aside from violence.”

Steeling his resolve, Tyre extended his right hand and grabbed towards the teenager girl’s rather lofty twin peaks. Suprisingly, the girl did not avoid, but rather repeated the same action to feel himself.

If a sponge can be called soft, then what Tyre feel like he felt can be called soft to the extreme, the feeling on his hands directly revealed the heartbeat of the girl, making Tyre’s breathing very irregular.

At the same time however, Tyre can also acutely perceive his own chest through the girl’s hands.

“Exactly as I thought.”

“Exactly as I thought.”

Verly reluctantly putting down the trembling right hand, Tyre had to face this biggest and most bizarre problem.

He, actually possessed the bodies of both a teenager boy and a teenager girl!.

One heart, two bodies.


The first thing that must be confirmed is if he will react to his female self the same way that a male will react to another female, or in other words, l.u.s.t. But when looking from the teenager girl’s perspective towards his male self, the feeling of l.u.s.t was completely gone.

This proves that before he lost his memory, he must have been a guy and not a girl. And mentally, he does not want to think of himself as a woman either.

The next issue is of course the visual problem, one conscience yet two field of views, this made the amnesia ridden Tyre confused as to whether or not if this phenomenon is normal, he does not know if he would be labeld as weird if other people knew this.

Next up was the problem of the movement obstacle. When two people make the same movements at the same time, many differences will pop out, such as walking, the female side won’t have any obstructions and can pa.s.s easily, but Tyre’s side might stumble, and even more embarra.s.sing the how to relieve themselves. [p.i.s.sing ;)]

Fortunately, he could still remember common sense, so he was not completely ignorant in the matter of how men and women relieve themselves.

Final problem, the place that he is stranded in, the thatched hut is surrounded on all sides by the forest, lush with no end in sight. From time to time, there were even roars from unknown beasts coming from within the forest, and this isn’t even the main point, because Tyre does not possess any wild survival experience or memories. From his every movement and body response to date, it seems that before losing his memories, he was by no means a athletic person, no callus on his palms, though there was some on his finger tips, so he concluded that he previously must have had some experience practicing with musical instruments, but as to what they were exactly, there was no way to know at the moment.

“If I stay here, I’ll probably starve to death sooner or later.”

“If I stay here, I’ll probably starve to death sooner or later.”

He carefully controlled both selves to walk out of the thatched hut, at the same time felt a wave of headache. Indeed, although he does not feel any hunger at the moment, but after the pa.s.sing of a day or two he will probably lose even the strength to walk.

“Must get out of here.”

“Must get out of here.”

The duet style of talking made his throat felt as if he had a wad of spittle stuck in it but no way to spit it out, very uncomfortable. Tyre furrowed his brows and looked at the girl, who looked straight back at him.

Suddenly, a inspiration overtook him.

Lets try one heart two use, [One Mind]!

This idea took off without any sign of stopping, and what became hard to believe that his achievements on the way of [One Mind] rose to ridiculous levels, making him doubt if he had possessed this skill before his memory loss.

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