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After The Legend Chapter 5.1

]" href="#" cla.s.s="btn-wi btn-next disabled" dpmb="yes">《5.1》FAMILY BONDS After Veronica set off to Merton, Aaron also packed his bags for the trip the next day. Seeing that his son is going on a business trip, Xiao Tianjian cautiously asked him about how many days would his trip take so that he could determine his own itinerary. Aaron raised his eyebrow and said angrily, "If father is in a hurry to leave, you can leave. Keaton is just a small place in the countryside and not worthy of a hero such as yourself to continue dawdling here. "Xiao Tianjian decidee to quietly dropped the matter.      

After Aaron's departure, Xiao Tianjian wandered around the town every day and his days are relaxed. He still lives in the study. As a wandering hero who often sleeps and eats on the street, he did not think anything strange about it but Dora is upset. She always tries to get some comfortable pillows and bedding for him. Winnie also made the bed neat and tidy. At last Xiao Tianjian is impatient. It is already summer and having so many beddings will just make the temperature hot so he hinted to his daughter in law to stop their neurotic behavior.

However, he felt a little bad when he saw that Dora scrimping every day to get as much money out of her limited income as possible and even use her savings  just to buy good food and wine to entertain himself.

He never lacked money, not to mention his firms earns a lot of gold every year for him to squander and he often made a fortune when he's on adventure. The eldest son, Elon, has been living a rich and luxurious life and more than once he persuaded his eldest son to be a bit frugal.

But he never thought that it was his son, Aaron, who lived such a rough life that he could not even guarantee to  eat meat every day. In order to entertain him, his daughter-in-law had to use every means to save money from elsewhere. Now he realized that his debt to Aaron was not only in terms of feelings and responsibilities but also a life that's free from worry. He remembered that Aaron seemed to vaguely mentioned that since he was an adult, he had never asked for money from the Cardo Family. Even the cost of Mary's treatment was paid by Aaron himself with his salary as a knight.

Xiao Tianjian felt guilty, so he took out a bag of gold coins to Dora, saying that it was for the food expenses as he will stay in their house temporarily. This bag of money is almost three times of Aaron's monthly salary, enough to cover their ten day expenses but to his surprise, Dora refused.

She said: "We welcomed you to our house, how can I ask for your money? Moreover, Our family is not an inn." Most importantly, If this matter is known in Easton, what will Elon and Lilith think? She and Aaron will be laughed at.

Xiao Tianjian had to take the money back but his feelings towards his daughter-in-law improved. Although it's annoying that she pays attention to etiquette every time but it's rare to have that kind of moral integrity. So he changed his approached. He would take advantage of the time, strolled outside and bought some meat or sweets from time to time, claiming that they were just "small gifts from the elders" because they were not very valuable. Dora didn't refuse and asked Winnie to make some cakes in return.

Xiao Tianjian looked the table in front of him that is full of pastries and he's view towards his daughter-in-law improved again. In these past few days, he learned that besides managing the household, Dora also has to take care of the flowers and plants in the garden and discipline his mischievous daughter. 

Thinking that he was idle anyway, he took the responsibility of taking care of his little granddaughter. Dora was also worried about not having time to prepare for the May Day Ball and what Xiao Tianjian proposed is also in line with her wishes so she hurriedly handed Mina over to her grandfather without any fuss.

Mina was delighted. She likes this Grandpa very much and who can get rid of her mother's chattering. Nothing could be better. After two days together, Xiao Tianjian also deeply realized that the nature of this little granddaughter was far from the "timid" little girl he first met, or rather there are no similarities at all. G.o.d knows how he thought this kid was cute and sweet? She's just a naughty kid. She's bold. If he didn't pay attention just for a second he wouldn't know where she had gone.

But she was more likable to him than his grandson, Bevan. When Bevan was a child, he was also very curious but he had grown more staid as he grew older. This year, he was only 12 years old but he acted no different from the adults. He is not fun at all. He was not as lively as this little granddaughter.

Thinking about this, he indulged Mina a little more. He not only took her everywhere, but also often told her about his adventures. He even took her to the bar in the small town to widen her horizon. Of course, drinking is strictly prohibited.

In doing so, Mina liked her grandfather even more. Although he is younger and more likely to be her uncle, he's really good to her.  So as soon as she got familiar with him, she took Xiao Tianjian to her "secret base". In addition to the big tree where they met for the first time, there is also a cave on the hillside at the end of the woods.

She mysteriously dragged an old wooden box out from the depths of the cave. The box looks like it's some kind of trash that's been thrown out and lock on it is also broken. When she opened the wooden box, there lies the "treasures" she collected 一 a complete cicada sh.e.l.l, a newly shed snake's skin, more than ten big pinecones, several beautiful stones, a worn out knight's helmet without a plume, a dirty piece of red felt and a half-rusted knife.

Minna wrapped the felt around her body, put on her worn out helmet, wield the rusty knife and cried, "Warrior, what's your name? I'll fight you! "

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