Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 8


Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You

Addicted To Boundlessly Pampering You Chapter 8

Chapter Eight plexion and picturesque features. The plexion was unarguably delicate. Although his age was too young and exhibited youthfulness and ie distinct. Cheap father's heart was slightly black, but his genes weren't bad. He gave life to her, Xue Yunge, and Xue Zhuyue, these three repletely taken over affairs relating to Wan Li e in charge of ing the treasure in their hearts, boundlessly indulged and paing their sole redee Asura ‘s stage under their hands, there would only be blood and tears. They granted whatever wished she asked for, but they strictly prohibited her froplexion. Terrified of Xue Yunge's e the overlord of the es the overlord of the martial arts circles, what woman can't you have? Don't tell me you're afraid you won't be able to produce sons?"

Yuan Li who was on the floor became somewhat hysterical and he began mumbling to himself, "Correct, ah. I'm not old yet, I can still produce many more sons…"

To the side, Yuan Jie's heart was extremely shocked as he listened to these words his father said. His face was filled with extreme despair and he mournfully yelled, "Father, don't want, ah! Jie'er is your son, ah! How can you be so heartless!"

A vicious expression suddenly showed on Yuan Li's face, looking at Yuan Jie as if he was looking at his enemy. "In order to a.s.sume an overlord position over the martial arts circles and bring Yuan family higher, Jie'er, sacrifice your life. Yuan family will forever remember you!"

Yuan Jie weakly stood on the floor, his eyes were filled with despair. Yuan Li looked up and looked towards Xue Yunge, "I choose the secret book. You can't go back on your word!"

"Of course, I, Xue Yunge, keep my promises!" The corner of his mouth hooked up into a strange smile, "But, I want you to personally kill him!"

Yuan Li's tall body paused, his face was filled with pain, but a moment later, his face became firm. Taking the sword on his waist, he advanced towards Yuan Jie.

"Jie'er, don't blame daddy!" His hand raised and the sword fell….

"Pu chi" was the sound of the sword stabbing into his skin as drops of blood splashed on the floor.

Yuan Li's tall body fell to the floor, his face was twisted with anguish, doubt, and shock. And behind him was Xue Yunge taking out the dagger with a mocking smile in his face.


Why? Looking at Yuan Li on the floor, who wasn’t breathing, he hatefully opened his mouth, "Throw it out!"

The armed guards stepped forward and dragged the corpse away.

[1] Gongzi – the son of an official or n.o.bility
[2] nine-tailed fox – a mythological creature, you can read a bit more about it here

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