A Cheeky Kendo God Chapter 9


A Cheeky Kendo God

A Cheeky Kendo God Chapter 9

Chapter 9:Shae to see Luo Kun. It was just too e, we have to give up.”

After waving his hand, Luo Kun sneered at hipared with Wu Chi’s aing back today.” Looking at Wu Chi, Zhou Boyan whispered, “But it’s no use, you stay, which pensate for the dae on, the disciple of the Iron Sword Group can only be showed off in front of outsiders. That’s a joke in front of you.” Shaking his head with no dignity, Wu Chi said with a grin, “Brother Luo, I came here to eat and drink for free. If you have any instructions, you can tell me.”

Wu Chi’s shameless posture made Luo Kun, who was accustomed to flattery from others, unable to take any more, only to change the subject for the better.

“I heard that you are very close to Miss Zhou recently?”

“Oh, that’s for benefits!” Shaking his hands, Wu Chi casually said, “Even though Zhou Yuanting died, Sword Shadow Villa is also a huge benefit for me. It’s good to please Miss Zhou for a while.”

Wu Chi took out the elixir for tempering body like offering a treasure that Zhou Boyan had given him in the past few days and said, “Look, this is what that girl gave me in the past two days. I ate some of it, which are very effective.”

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