3 Year Memories With You My Love 68 Episode 68


3 Year Memories With You My Love

3 Year Memories With You My Love 68 Episode 68

At the office,Ronal had joined the office, now he is fully recovered. Ronal starts thinking while typing something on the computer."What happened to Mr.beam? not coming to the office and if I call, he disconnects. (Typing stops) he didn't even kiss me this morning and (chewing his nails) ignores me. What is going on? (Places his hand on the keyboard) as soon as I will arrive home ask him why he is doing this (starts typing again)"It was already 7:00 p.m.Lusafa comes inside the office of Ronal to deliver some files.- (while forwarding the files in front of ronal) Mr.ronal, are you not going home?- yes, the work is done. I am leaving now, you keep this file in the side.- okay.(Ronal leaves for home with his coat in his hands).At Mr.beam's house,The temperature of Ronal's anger goes up, he is not able to calm himself. As soon as he comes home he throws his coat on the bed and starts calling Mr.beam.- Mr.beam!!! Mr.beam!!! Mr.beam!!!Even after the repeated calls, Ronal was not getting a response from Mr.beam so he starts to see all the rooms.A few minutes later,- if Mr.beam is not home, where can he be?(Only then Ronal sees a letter on the bed. He picks up the letter and starts reading)." dear Ronal, do nothing, don't think anything. There the driver is standing outside, come with him".Ronal sits in the car and goes at the behest of the driver going.Because of the thick dark night, the stars were getting even more elegant by twinkling in the sky.Ronal reaches his destination after driving for some time. That place where ronal and Mr.beam spent the first night of the wedding.Ronal gets off the car and starts walking to the sh.o.r.e. From the distance, it looks like decorated some flowers in a small house with some white curtain and Mr.beam was standing in front. Upon seeing Mr.beam, ronal starts to increase his speed because He has to go quickly closer to Mr.beam and have to hug him. While going, he starts thinking and asking questions himself -" what would have happened if Mr.beam hadn't come into my life? What would have happened if he doesn't bring me out of that dark world? What would happen if I hadn't say yes to spend my whole life with him? It would have goes absolutely wrong, isn't right Mr.beam?"Ronal turns his gaze to Mr.beam. he notes Mr.beam's hands were longing to hug him.After a few seconds, ronal stands in front of Mr.beam and hugs him without saying anything.- happy third anniversary of our wedding, Mr.husband. (says to Ronal while hugging).- had you remembered? (While hugging).- was absolutely. Suddenly everything has happened so that we haven't celebrated our anniversary. I was thought we should celebrate this time.- thank you Mr.beam.(Removes ronal from his arms and speaks while holding the pa.s.sport in his hands forward towards Ronal)
- take this as a small gift for you.- what is this? (Ronal grabs and opens it). This is mine and your pa.s.sports, but why are you giving me this?- before it gets too late I want our marriage legalized.Ronal hugs Mr.beam again without saying anything and says in an emotional voice- thank you Mr.beam for your great gift.BREAKING NEWS -Prisoner number 1088 did not recover from his mental condition. He with some police has died there due to falling into a chasm while taking him to the mental prison. According to sources, the dead bodies of all of them are being removed from there.

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