3 Year Memories With You My Love 64 Episode 64


3 Year Memories With You My Love

3 Year Memories With You My Love 64 Episode 64

(Short description about Mr.rexon in the past). This happened when Mr.rexon had been revealed by Mr.beam (Haruto's father) in front of everyone. At that time, haruto was gone to study in abroad. Mr.rexon's business had sunk, he was completely ruined. All those who knew Mr.rexon had stooped doing business deals with Mr.rexon. everyone started to feel that if they work with Mr.rexon then their business will also get submerged so they refused to join the business deals with Mr.rexon. Time pa.s.sing through like this and Mr.rexon's condition getting worse. One day, furiously Mr.rexon comes out from his room to kill Mr.beam with a gun in his hand. Mr.rexon's anger so increasing that he doesn't notice anyone in front. At the same time, Ms.ichika (Mr.rexon's wife) tries to stop him but the anger thrives so much that Mr.rexon pushes his own wife and she falls down the stairs. blood was splattered on the ground floor and ms.ichika has been become a guest for a few moments. Mr.rexon is stunned for a few moments, he doesn't understand what happened right now. He throws his gun and immediately has gone to his wife. He sits on the ground and takes his wife in his lap then speaks with a staggering voice. - (slapping his wife's cheeks lightly) honey, what happened to you? Wake up honey, now is not the time to joke. I know you are kidding so just wake up.Mr.rexon went in shock, he kept calling his wife "honey" at the same place but it was too late. Hearing the news haruto comes to his house on the same day. After giving the grave his mother, he goes to his room for some time. Seeing the pictures of his mother on the mobile screen he keeps crying loudly in his room. Some time had been pa.s.sed, Suddenly haruto heard the sound of throwing stuff from Mr.rexon's room. Hearing this, haruto quickly goes inside his father's room. As soon as he goes inside sees scattered all the things in the room and Mr.rexon sitting in the corner with behaving strangely. Haruto goes in front of his dad and asks - what happened daddy? Are you all alright? Mr.rexon without giving any answer while pressing his son's throat vigorously speaks " b.a.s.t.a.r.d beam, because of you I have lost my wife today now you have to die".Haruto tries to remove the hand of his father from his throat. Somehow he removes Mr.rexon's hand and holds his daddy from behind and speaks - daddy everything will be alright, keep yourself calm. I'm with you, please be quiet.Mr.rexon grumbling inside of his mouth like a lunatic and tries to extricate himself from haruto but haruto grips his daddy tightly and says while crying - mother has gone and now I don't want to lose you. I will never let you go. After few moments pa.s.sed Mr.rexon feels tired and goes unconscious in Haruto's arms.Few days pa.s.sed, Luisa calls haruto for telling him that she has been applying for going to hong kong to study but Luisa instantly comes to Haruto's house after hearing Haruto's condition. (In Hamamatsu city).
After going there, seeing the situation of haruto and the condition of Mr.rexon she starts hating her brother more and she makes every unsuccessful attempt to kill her own brother while staying there too.

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