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  • Author:Kanzaki-Mizora,-神埼美宙
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Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama

As a reward for preventing the a.s.sa.s.sination of the current king, Rou Coral is rewarded with becoming and escort of the Royal Princess Reaina who the boy adores so much. Thus begins his new life of servitude under his beloved high-headed Princess full of happenings and happy little accidents. Surrounded with Busty Head Maid, young Loli Princess and a Childhood Friend Maid, for the boy knight today is yet another day of struggle in this womanly paradise!! .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama. Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama is a novel of Updating with both wonderful story and well-written.