The Villain's White Lotus Halo

Yin BiYue has made the worst purchase ever. After transmigrating countless times into the bodies of canon fodder villains, he buys a ‘Fiend Halo’ from the Rebirth Company, supposedly the best aid for an up and coming final BOSS! He’s ecstatic to finally get a villainous role where he won’t die after just a few lines, if any at all, and is raring to become the best opponent a protagonist will have……However, why was everyone looking at him with pitying eyes? Why was the protagonist rus.h.i.+ng over to help him get out of his crimes? Most importantly, why was his ‘Fiend Halo’ just making things worse?! Meanwhile, the intern salesperson at the Rebirth Company discovers that he might have accidentally sold a prototype White Lotus Halo to a certain villain…… .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of The Villain's White Lotus Halo. The Villain's White Lotus Halo is a novel of Adventure Martial-Arts Romance Shounen-Ai Xianxia with both wonderful story and well-written.