The Different World of Demon Lord

Demon Lord! A symbol of terror and evil! Killing and death are a.s.sociated with him! In a magic country, a being was summoned. This being was the most demon lord unlike of all demon lords in history. “Your majesty demon lord, please sign a doc.u.ment here. But please be careful not to put your hand at the wrong place.” “Your majesty Ya Lin, human army are invading us but I will protect you with my life!” “Hate you! Don’t come closer! You are a real pervert demon! I hate such demon the most!” O G.o.d, what is this? I just wish to be an ordinary person with carefree life and stuffed with food till death. Why I am the one who will become the future husband of the demon princess, the future demon lord? And also completing a near impossible task ——-resurrecting my mother-in-law? Luckily becoming a demon does have its own benefits, granting each demon ability to cultivate skills. However, what type of circ.u.mstances are this, mission going to other worlds and conquer them? .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of The Different World of Demon Lord. The Different World of Demon Lord is a novel of Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Lolicon Romance Supernatural with both wonderful story and well-written.