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  • Author:Cat-Captain,-ニャンネコ大尉
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  • Genres:Gender-Bender
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Reincarnated As My Little Sister

He, Yuuyami Riku, suffered from familial abuse. No, it was not from his parents. He was on the receiving end of his little sister’s violent tendencies. One day, he stood up against such a sister. For the first time, he told her off. And yet, on that night, his enraged sister stabbed him to death as he was fast asleep. However, Riku was reborn, and now was a baby. Jubilous about his new life, he almost didn’t notice a huge problem… .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Reincarnated As My Little Sister. Reincarnated As My Little Sister is a novel of Gender-Bender with both wonderful story and well-written.
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