• Alternative:kanzen chō aku ha-remu masuta- ni-to ga chi-to na i sekai tensei / Most Wicked Harem Slave Master ~ Cheater NEET’s Otherworld Reincarnation ~ / 完全超悪ハーレムマスター~ニートがチートな異世界転生~
  • Author:Saijou-Muni,最上ムニ
  • Views:114 view
  • Status: ongoing
  • Genres:Adventure Comedy Harem Mature Seinen
  • Last update:2018-12-29 08:31:29

Most Wicked Harem Slave Master

“Congratulations! You have just died!”In a mysterious white void, a young priestess-like girl informed me of this. I deceived this self-proclaimed G.o.ddess-chan, and obtained the brainwas.h.i.+ng skill [Harem Slave] making me unparalleled in my new life to come.Childhood friend, Little Sister, Married Elf, Busty Knight, Abusive Maid, Tsundere Ojousama, Reproachful Witch, Airheaded Princess, Clumsy Saint, Unlucky Nun, Loli Baba, Fluffy-eared Beastkin, Angel, Demon, and Chibi G.o.ddess, I will collect them all as my slaves!!From here on, a certain reincarnated man will rise up to become the worst adventurer in the history of the world. .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Most Wicked Harem Slave Master. Most Wicked Harem Slave Master is a novel of Adventure Comedy Harem Mature Seinen with both wonderful story and well-written.