• Alternative:I can speak with animals and demons / 俺、動物や魔物と話せるんです
  • Author:錬金王
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  • Status: ongoing
  • Genres:Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Romance
  • Last update:2018-12-29 08:26:30

I Can Speak with Animals and Demons

Wato Akira was sent to another world due to a foreigners anger. He hit his head and unfortunately died.[Why?]Sadly, the foreigner misunderstood the word’s of encouragement [F I G H T!] as a sign of aggression, what a regrettable way to die…. The G.o.ddess of creation took pity on him and allowed him to reincarnate in another world. .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of I Can Speak with Animals and Demons. I Can Speak with Animals and Demons is a novel of Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Romance with both wonderful story and well-written.
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