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  • Author:Bad-Bucket,-Warui-Baketsu,-わるいバケツ
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Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince

~I was a good looking prince when I was reborn, and because I could do indecent things as much as I like, I decided to make a harem while traveling with a beautiful female elf~ Formerly an otaku, the hero who was just reincarnated became a handsome elf prince of another world. In his previous life he was just a plain-faced man, so in this world he uses his high position as a prince to his advantage and keep holding beautiful women in his arms, every day in his life. With his status as a prince and a handsome face, together with the high abilities of the elves……he will thoroughly enjoy the life that he hasn’t done in his previous world! .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince. Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince is a novel of Updating with both wonderful story and well-written.
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