Gratifying The Royal Family

Gratifying the Royal Family [R18] Xu Mo, a modern high school student was sent back in time to Jing Kingdom and found herself trapped inside of the body of a princess with the same name. She had barely recovered when she learned of an unparalleled fiancé and in a daze, they got married. Then the stunning genius physician who normally does not pay attention clamoured to marry her. After that, there was a cold general, a flirtatious lord, a tsundere* young master…… As is turns out, this was a male-dominated dynasty. Because the female population was spa.r.s.e, the entire nation shared wives regardless of rank or n.o.bility. Is it feasible for someone wants to maintain monogamy in this dynasty? *TL-note: Loanword from j.a.panese depicting someone who is unfriendly and blunt, but warm and tender inside. .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Gratifying The Royal Family. Gratifying The Royal Family is a novel of Fantasy Harem Historical Josei Mature Romance Smut with both wonderful story and well-written.