• Alternative:Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the Hero, Loses to an Elf Loli in Status~ / Goblin Tenseiki ~Erufu Youjo ni Kaku de Maketeru Yuusha na Ore~ / ゴブリン転生記 ~エルフ幼女に格で負けてる勇者の俺~
  • Author:追川矢拓
  • Views:115 view
  • Status: ongoing
  • Genres:Comedy Fantasy Harem Lolicon Mature
  • Last update:2018-12-29 17:45:57

Gob Tensei

From a warm, cozy world, I was born into a cold, noisy one. As I listened to the first cry I raised as a baby, it sounded like someone else’s, and I instinctively felt despair. That is– even from my poor senses, including my poor eyesight, I intuitively understood the cruel spectacle.The mother that birthed me………….it raised a somewhat beast-like creature’s scream, as if it was being dissected by the hand of some corpse-colored, starving small demons.No cheats, no status, no magic, no harem!?Aaa……for some reason, I understood. Isn’t this world difficulty in a ridiculously hard mode? .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Gob Tensei. Gob Tensei is a novel of Comedy Fantasy Harem Lolicon Mature with both wonderful story and well-written.