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  • Author:Luo-Jiang-Shen,-Luo-Will-Be-God,-罗将神,-罗酱
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  • Status: ongoing
  • Genres:Fantasy Gender-Bender
  • Last update:2019-03-02 20:29:43

Demon Sword Maiden

A boy came to a dark and mysterious other world, with the body of his beautiful senior female schoolmate known as Lily. The lone girl experienced the night parade of a hundred ghost the very day she arrived; seeking survival amongst the warrior’s dispute in a chaotic world, and forging her own demon sword! This is an unimaginable other world adventure! .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Demon Sword Maiden. Demon Sword Maiden is a novel of Fantasy Gender-Bender with both wonderful story and well-written.