Compelled Substitution

At first, there was no choice for me but to take upon my mother’s status of ‘slave’.My life changed into that of neglect and abuse.Then, after a few years, I was then forced to take the 'Mister 's ' place, to go and fight in the war&h.e.l.lip;My life changed into that of trying to survive, not in just living as a man, but that of blood&h.e.l.lip;And the wild, natural environment.Then, again, my life makes another turn&h.e.l.lip;And I was forced once again to do something for someone who had treated me poorly in the past.I thought that my future might lead to something nice, considering I knew the person I was being forced to marry&h.e.l.lip;But, he seemed to not acknowledge me at all&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;I think though&h.e.l.lip;My biggest plan&h.e.l.lip;Is that I want to make my life exactly that&h.e.l.lip;Mine!Malory is an innocent girl, even though she goes through a lot of troubles, she tends to keep her innocence.When she is able to leave the Billings residence, she is then starting to come out of her sh.e.l.l, only to worry more and more about the secret that she carries.Thanks to a number of people and a strange charm that she carries, Malory is able to survive and not fall completely into the depths of her vortex&h.e.l.lip; .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Compelled Substitution. Compelled Substitution is a novel of Action Gender-Bender Historical Tragedy Wuxia with both wonderful story and well-written.