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Ancient He And Modern Me

Ji Ruoyi went to a time-traveling service for a time journey. However, she bought a child ticket to save money. The agency checked out this cheat ticket and threw her to a who-knows-what dynasty n.o.body heard of before. Suddenly, she was called back to the modern age, along with a cool guy from that dynasty. They lived together, quarreled together, fought together, and misunderstood each other every day. Finally, when they confessed their feelings toward each other, endless kidnappings happened. In order to have a quiet happy life, they decided to go back to the ancient dynasty. But they fell into greater trouble, from the palace to the world of warriors. What was his background and true ident.i.ty? Was he a Mr. Wrong? .ZooUp Free Novels provides you with the introduction and chapters of Ancient He And Modern Me. Ancient He And Modern Me is a novel of Updating with both wonderful story and well-written.